Reviews unicompartmental knee replacement

Here you can read patients reviews after unicompartmental knee surgery posted on ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’:


‘Together with the surgical team the orthopedic surgeon, Mr. Joris Jansen, has helped me back to mobility within two months after my uni knee replacement. Pragmatic, to the point and with excellent teamwork during surgery and afterwards on the ward.’

10 February 2020


‘In May 2019 I’ve been operated on my left knee by my orthopedic surgeon Mr. Jansen (Joris). I came in limping and left the hospital walking without any arthritic pain. After check X rays I was mobilized on the day of surgery with the physiotherapist and crutches. The next day I passed my ‘stair climbing exam’, and was allowed to go home safely.’

21 July 2019


‘I had a fantastic experience with the orthopedic department and in contact with my consultant Mr. J. Jansen especially. The operation of my uni knee went very well, I’m very happy with the result and I would do it again on the other knee if necessary without any doubt!’

17 April 2019


‘After successful treatment of my right knee earlier, I’ve had my left knee also operated on 12 June 2018. I think Mr. Jansen (Joris) is a genious; in daily life I even forget having artificial knee replacements – an unique experience I’m very thankful for.’

5 February 2019


‘After years of pain and impairement I have been operated by Mr. J.A. Jansen and had unicompartmental knee replacement. The operation and rapid recovery has helped me to walk without pain again and ride my bike. During the operation and rehabilitation the contact with my orthopedic surgeon and his team was fantastic.’

14 January 2019